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Windows Media allows a seamless integration of audio and video on the same server, multi-bitrate streaming, firewall resistancy, fast streaming, and much more. Serious streamers rely on the stability and ease of use Windows Media Services 9 provides, which targets over 98% of all internet connected PC's without requiring a player download.
All of our Windows Media 9 servers operate on port 80 (Web or HTTP) for access to the stream, allowing listeners to tune in from heavily firewalled locations. Wireless network optimization and near-real-time streaming options are also available.
With improved audio/video quality even at high compression, itís possible to compress Digital 5.1 Surround Sound to as low as 128 Kbps and 24-bit audio as well as broadcast support for full-screen video, Windows Media sets the new standard for audio and video quality. This encoding system is the standard format for many FM radio stations and satellite/terrestrial TV's that delivers audio or video in a live situation or on-demand for archived broadcasts around the globe.
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Right here you can find a pricing plan that fits for you. Simply select the "Simultaneous Slots Required"
(max number of listeners) you want and also the "Bitrate required" (streaming quality).
The total amount will automatically be displayed "Monthly Cost".
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Billing via PayPal will automatically be made every month. Of course you can cancel your subscription any time you want to in your PayPal account. Please contact our Customer Help Desk if you want to change your plan (change number of slots or bitrate quality).
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